The State of the World

I am constantly torn between not wanting to sound ignorant of current events and disgusted by what I read. Has anyone else felt like that? I log on to a news website to see what is currently being reported and instantly I feel sick to my stomach. Stories about mothers sexually abusing their children, a 9 year old child stabbed to death by a 12 year old on a playground, children left to die in cars in hot weather – I mean, the list is endless. And it’s filled with sick and twisted individuals committing unspeakable acts.

Even the so-called ‘fluff’ pieces about celebrities contain the latest in rehab stints, or mental breakdowns, or some other sexually explicit dance move. People getting divorced, people getting cheated on – am I the only one who’s noticed that the news has taken a real negative twist?

I remember in high school (only ten years ago but hey!) we were encouraged to read the newspaper to keep up to date on current events but today it feels like a different world. Readers are bombarded with some of the most disturbing stories and it’s exhausting.

I try to keep this blog positive and free from that kind of dark and twisty stuff. I try to keep my mind free of it as well but today I realised that if I really hate being hit with this type of stuff, I actually need to make the break. I need to stop ‘informing myself’ of these types of stories and to do that I need to give up on the news websites. So starting today, I’m no longer going to log on to these websites. I’m going to risk looking ignorant of what’s happening in the world. It will no doubt prove to be good for me.


Just an update on my life

You may have wondered where I disappeared to. I intended to post something each week but I have been MIA for several weeks now. It’s been hectic here. The roof above my bedroom sprung a leak about six weeks ago and the usual stresses of repairs, workmen and insurance claims ensued. The roof is repaired and I am no longer sleeping in the lounge room so that in itself is fantastic.

Phoenix moved back to my place so there was the usual musical chairs of getting everything set up and moved around so that Phoenix, Dakota, her husband and my niece could all fit back in our three bedroom place. It’s great to all be back under the same roof though. Dakota and her husband just bought a house, which is pretty exciting. Moving day will be in a few months. They are also expecting a baby! This is also very exciting. The baby is due early January.

I took a break from editing my Historical romance manuscript to work on my fantasy manuscript. It’s been a really enjoyable creative outlet for me but I’ve become a little obsessed again. I started this one about nine years ago and it became really complicated so I stopped. Now, I’ve peeled the story back once again and I’m starting over. It’s been a great way to deal with all the other stresses in my life at the moment – a great form of escapism.

I was quite ill with a stomach infection and I had to go to hospital because the pain was so bad, although it appears that I’m now back to normal, no permanent damage done, praise God. I haven’t been in that much pain before though in my life, I don’t mind telling you.

Work has been a giant stress-ball of chaos now for about two months. My tether is wearing a bit thin. Today, I read 2 Corinthians 1:3 – 5: “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.”

As I read those verses, I felt as if I was being reminded that God is love. Everything we must face and endure, we do not face and endure alone, because he is with us, comforting us and loving us every step of the way. It helped ease my burden today when I read that and I hope that when you read this, that God uses it to encourage you too.

I am currently worried about my grandfather and trying to give his life and health over to God. My grandpa’s hip dislocated last Wednesday so he’s been in hospital ever since. Now, a dislocated hip is not in and of itself life threatening. However, he’s not in good health to start with. At the moment we don’t know what to do because surgery is a real risk. Not having surgery though appears to mean that his hip will continue to dislocate itself. There’s a very real chance that he won’t survive the surgery so we’re all praying for a solution. All of your prayers would be much appreciated.

I know though that, even as my heart aches with indecision and worry, God is in control. I can trust him with this situation. He will get me through it.

What a weekend!


Well, I haven’t posted much lately and for that I’m very sorry. Let’s see – I was sick with the flu for 5.5 weeks and last Tuesday morning I was woken up at 4.30am with a neck spasm. It hasn’t gone away yet and I’m quite uncomfortable and in pain. It’s made sitting for any length of time quite impossible, which is making work impossible as well.

I’ve been to see an Osteopath but apart from stretching the muscles and providing a massage, there’s not a lot she could do. I’ve been instructed to take anti-inflammatories, pain relief as needed and apply heat packs regularly – all of which I’m doing. Although, I have to say that by about 3pm in my work day, the neck muscles are fatigued and that’s when they really start to grumble.

Anyway, that’s not all that happened over the weekend. I was taking it easy because of my neck. Phoenix and I were originally going to see a movie but school holidays just started here in Melbourne. Because of that, we decided to stay home and watch a movie instead. We’d just finished the movie and I’d just gone into my bedroom to check on my laptop, which incidentally appears to have died, when I returned to sit down on the couch. Not ten minutes later, I hear running water. I said to Phoenix, “Can you hear that? What is that?” She stands up and looks behind the chair – no water. She opens the bedroom door and her whole face drops.

“Your ceiling is leaking water!”

Sure enough, there were two large cracks in my bedroom and water is just pouring down on to my bed. We both start moving furniture and bedding and possessions, all the while, wondering who we should call. Finally we settle on my uncle before continuing to clear the room of all possessions.
We were both seriously concerned that the whole ceiling was going to cave in. By this time it’s really starting to bulge with water. It’s even affecting the far corner of the room and appears to be spreading outward.

Anyway, my uncle arrives at 5pm and asks for a ladder – note to self, buy a ladder! – but after asking a few neighbours, we are still ladder-less. He backs his truck up and is able look over the roof end. He thinks a couple of the roof tiles moved, which in and of itself is not the biggest problem, except we have had non-stop rain for the last five days and the drain pipe for the second storey’s roof empties directly on to the now-exposed area above my bedroom. Hence, a big watery problem that is quickly becoming the swimming pool we always wanted – only kidding! The room got wet but it wasn’t under water, praise God!

So anyway, by about 5.30pm, my neck was screaming at me and I’d become quite useless. My sisters and my brother-in-law managed to get my stuff squared away so that I’m now sleeping in the lounge room until the bedroom is sorted out. I did make dinner and fed my niece so that I wasn’t completely useless.

Anyway, what a weekend! I wanted to conclude with two things that I am so thankful for:
1. The leak occurred while Phoenix and I were at home so my bedding and clothes etc were not damaged;
2. The leak did not occur during the night before while Phoenix (who crashed in my bed) and I were fast asleep;

Anyway, it will remain to be seen how quickly the damage can be repaired. I don’t want to know how wet it must be up there! I will no doubt keep you posted.

About Me: Perfectionist

I have been a very bad blogger this week – mea culpa. I came down with a cold a month ago and it’s still here. It has affected my energy and my time management skills. That’s really my only excuse. I just wanted to apologise to you all and say that I am just so thankful for the Queen’s Birthday weekend that we just had here in Australia. Public holidays are now the highlight of my calendar. I work full time and so they are the only bit of extra I get unless I take some annual leave. I really needed an extra day off this week to try to kick this cold (it hasn’t worked but I’m sure a 4 day week helped).

Bring on the weekend! I plan on sleeping as much as possible and resting. Resting should be easy to do. It’s not. When you’re a perfectionist with a brain that never sleeps (so much so that my sisters have actually nicknamed my brain as if it’s its own person), it is hard to switch off and rest. That is my aim this weekend. I have some things to get done (washing, cleaning) but otherwise I’m going MIA.

How about you? Are you a perfectionist who can’t ‘rest’?

Write to the Point with Angie Brashear

I really enjoyed this post by Angie Brashear. I hope you will too!

Genesis 5020

Angie Brashear - Headshot (2)Today we get write to the point with Angie Brashear. I am sure you will be touched by her interview. Read until the end, she has a giveaway for you.

Tell us about yourself, family, where are you from, how long have you been writing?

Let’s see…I’m originally from Rockland, Maine and currently reside in Cameron, Texas with my husband and three children. By day, I’m a Director of Special Education for nine small school districts. By night (once my kiddos fall asleep), I’m a writer. At least for the past two years. During all the hours in between, I attend a lot of time at sporting events because my husband is a football coach and all of my kids love sports.

How did you come to know Jesus as your Savior?

While this is the question I love to answer most, it is also the most difficult question for…

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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

This was very informative and eye opening. Have a read!

David Gaughran

prhasiThe Amazon-Hachette dispute has caught the media’s attention. But what about the story the media refuses to cover?

The media is more concerned with one-sided accounts of Amazon’s perceived actions – when no one really knows the exact nature of the dispute.

The media is more concerned with what Amazon might do in the future, than actual author exploitation by the world’s largest trade publisher: Penguin Random House.

Penguin Random House owns the world’s largest vanity press – Author Solutions – which is currently subject to a class action for deceptive business practices, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of business statutes in California, New York, and Colorado.

The court papers cover the same ground that I’ve been blogging about for the last three years, that Writer Beware has spent even longer documenting, and others like Emily Suess and Mick Rooney have covered in extensive detail.


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Just an update on Dad’s surgery

His surgery was meant to last 3 hours but it actually went for 5.5 hours. I can tell you that by 8pm last night we were all watching the clock and wondering why we hadn’t heard anything. It’s hard not to imagine the worst in times like that! They called (finally) at 9.20pm to say he was in recovery, where he stayed for another hour. We finally got to see him at 11.10pm. He was quite pale and uncomfortable but he was lucid and recognised my sister, Phoenix, and I.

He lost 2 litres of blood during the surgery, which is quite a lot really. His blood pressure was low and it’s still low this morning. Apparently the surgery had some non-life threatening complications that meant it took a lot longer than anticipated. Irrespective of that, we were both relieved to be able to see him and talk to him. He was pretty glad to see us both as well.

Praise God because He has answered our prayers!

I’m smiling as I type that because it’s true. Dad’s here and now we can just focus on his recovery, which really is the best news.

What a wonderful blessing!