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Soooo not a “car-girl”!

I hope everyone is travelling along well in their lives this fine Saturday afternoon. I’m currently sitting in a local café, surrounded by people engaging in the convention of the lazy Saturday afternoon chat with friends and family. I’m sitting here by myself, typing, however, having decided yesterday that I needed to prioritise writing on the weekends. Now, it’s not that I can’t write at home. I live with my sister, Dakota, her husband and their daughter. My niece is adorable – 16 months old and I love spending time with her. She is also at an age where she wants to be involved in whatever you are doing. So it’s hard for me to ignore her desire to play games and actually sit down and write. In summary, home presents a lot of distractions and if I want to get serious, I need to be serious about this and leave the house for a few hours on the weekend and write.

Today is my first attempt at this and I’m feeling pretty good about it. My soy cappuccino just arrived and it tastes wonderful. I haven’t had a real cup of coffee in approximately a month, living on the instant stuff at home, while I worked at repaying my dad back for a loan he gave me. I’m now debt free and celebrating with a late breakfast and a cappuccino out, all while meeting me writing goal for the week.

Getting back to the title of this post, you might wonder what this has to do with cars. Well, I wanted to let you know that I am not a woman, who invests energy in cars. I don’t have a fantasy car or a back up fantasy car. I have owned exactly two cars in my life – both Toyota Carollas. My current car was brand new in 2006 but that was a little while ago now. This week I decided that I needed to take better car of old Lola Bunny. She hasn’t been cleaned in about a year. I don’t keep litter in my car but as you can imagine, after a year of tracking in and out, the floor is pretty messy.

But, this is how much of a not-a-car-girl I am – I’m sitting here, typing, enjoying the aromatic blend of Arabica coffee beans while my car is completely cleaned and detailed by someone else. The thought of spending an hour cleaning the dirt off myself – well, I’d rather be productive and get some writing done.

Dakota would say that I’m cheating but she is pedantic about her car. She cleans it regularly and would never be able to afford people doing that on a regular basis. It would add up to too much dough out of the bank. I’m not going to start paying for a total detail each week but after a year of nothing, my car needed the works. I might pay for an outside wash once a month though. That’s far more feasible now that I’m out of the red and officially saving for a holiday in November.

Ooh! My late brunch just arrived. It looks pretty good too: Smoked salmon, dill yoghurt, sourdough bread, two poached eggs, rocket, tomato and pickles. Mmmm!

That's salmon, sourdough, salad with rocket and pickles.

Have you ever done something like getting your car washed that could be labelled as cheating? I’d love to hear your stories.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!


ACFW Genesis Contest 2014

For those of you who don’t know much about the American Christian Fiction Writers, you can read about them here:

This year I entered my completed manuscript in their Genesis Contest for unpublished Christian fiction. When I hit send on my application, my only thought was that I was entering the contest for the experience. I wanted to make myself consider my manuscript from a new perspective. I had always known that my first five pages were not my strongest so entering this contest forced me to re-examine that section. I felt good about the final product when I sent off the application – not confident, just pleased with what I had accomplished. At the time, it was not about placing in the finalists or even winning.

Today, the top ten finalists in each category were announced and I did not make the top ten in my category. When I read through the names this morning, I felt surprise for two reasons:
1) I had actually expected not to see my name.
2) Despite this, I was disappointed that I did not see my name.

How does that work? I mean, how can I expect not to place in the top ten and simultaneously feel disappointed by this (even though I expected it)? I’m still not sure that I’ve figured that out yet.

I decided to write this post, not to complain or worry or obsess over not placing in the top ten, but rather, to remind myself WHY I entered in the first place. It wasn’t about the end result. It was about making me approach my work from a different angle. So, moving forward, I’ve decided to firstly, read through the manuscript again with fresh eyes because I want to improve on my work and secondly, to start sending out queries. It’s time to get pro-active about this.

I’m no expert but I found Rachelle Gardner (Literary Agent, Books and Such Literary Agency) and her post on query letters to be very helpful.

You can find it here:

It’s time to shake off the disappointment and tackle things from a new angle.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

I have faith that God has a plan, even in this little disappointment. I know that He will build me up from this, according to His plan for my life, starting from the ground up.