2015 – ready or not

As I write this, I’m still surprised that the New Year has come and gone. 2014 went by so fast for me that I’m not even sure I have clear memory of what happened. Perhaps everyone feels that way this time of year. I mean, if you’re anything like me, preparation for Christmas starts in November – gifts, cards, parties, catching up with friends. It goes by so quickly and then suddenly, it’s the first day of a new year.

I’m not a resolutions person. I never really bought into New Year’s Eve as an actual holiday – I’m grateful for the public holiday. I read a post by Candace Cameron Bure today that reminded me that this time of year is a great time to re-evaluate your goals. You can read her post here: http://candacecameronbure.net/practically-speaking/2015-goals/

It got me thinking about my own goals. My personal trainer likes me to think about fitness goals in the New Year period but I’ve never pushed myself to achieve them. For 2015, I’ve decided to hold myself accountable to this blog post. I’m posting this to make myself think seriously about what I want to get out of 2015.

  1. To stay fervent in prayer – I’m a Christian and I believe that prayer really helps me stay centered on the things that God has for me.
  2. Spend time studying the Bible each day, whether that is 5 minutes or an hour. This is a habit that I really need to get back into because I know from past experience that without it, I feel stressed and out of whack with myself.
  3. Prioritize myself more – I tend to drop everything for family whenever they need it but I rarely put my own needs first. This takes a toll after a prolonged period of time and I start to feel frustrated with myself. It’s my own fault though so the solution starts with me.
  4. Get in shape – I’m completely out of the habit of getting to the gym 3 times a week and this has to change. I know it’s going to kill me to start but I also know that it’s going to really help my mindset. I know intellectually that I need the physical outlet… I’m just too good at putting it off at the moment.
  5. Write every week – This one is really important. I finished my first manuscript but I owe it the proper time to edit it into a polished work. I also just started my second manuscript, which I’m really excited about so this has to be a priority in 2015.

I figure that if I can really focus on these five things, 2015 is going to be better than 2014.

What are your goals?

Today, I’m promising myself that I’m going to meet mine this year and I hope that you do too. I’m thinking of the feeling of achievement I will have when I look back on this post on 1 January 2016 and realize that I did what I set out to do.


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