The State of the World

I am constantly torn between not wanting to sound ignorant of current events and disgusted by what I read. Has anyone else felt like that? I log on to a news website to see what is currently being reported and instantly I feel sick to my stomach. Stories about mothers sexually abusing their children, a 9 year old child stabbed to death by a 12 year old on a playground, children left to die in cars in hot weather – I mean, the list is endless. And it’s filled with sick and twisted individuals committing unspeakable acts.

Even the so-called ‘fluff’ pieces about celebrities contain the latest in rehab stints, or mental breakdowns, or some other sexually explicit dance move. People getting divorced, people getting cheated on – am I the only one who’s noticed that the news has taken a real negative twist?

I remember in high school (only ten years ago but hey!) we were encouraged to read the newspaper to keep up to date on current events but today it feels like a different world. Readers are bombarded with some of the most disturbing stories and it’s exhausting.

I try to keep this blog positive and free from that kind of dark and twisty stuff. I try to keep my mind free of it as well but today I realised that if I really hate being hit with this type of stuff, I actually need to make the break. I need to stop ‘informing myself’ of these types of stories and to do that I need to give up on the news websites. So starting today, I’m no longer going to log on to these websites. I’m going to risk looking ignorant of what’s happening in the world. It will no doubt prove to be good for me.


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