About Me: Perfectionist

I have been a very bad blogger this week – mea culpa. I came down with a cold a month ago and it’s still here. It has affected my energy and my time management skills. That’s really my only excuse. I just wanted to apologise to you all and say that I am just so thankful for the Queen’s Birthday weekend that we just had here in Australia. Public holidays are now the highlight of my calendar. I work full time and so they are the only bit of extra I get unless I take some annual leave. I really needed an extra day off this week to try to kick this cold (it hasn’t worked but I’m sure a 4 day week helped).

Bring on the weekend! I plan on sleeping as much as possible and resting. Resting should be easy to do. It’s not. When you’re a perfectionist with a brain that never sleeps (so much so that my sisters have actually nicknamed my brain as if it’s its own person), it is hard to switch off and rest. That is my aim this weekend. I have some things to get done (washing, cleaning) but otherwise I’m going MIA.

How about you? Are you a perfectionist who can’t ‘rest’?


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