Today presents its own challenges

My Dad is only just over the 60s line in terms of age but in my head, he’s still in his fifties. His health has been strong and he’s not normally one to get sick, except for the annual man-flu infection. Today, he goes into hospital to have his prostate removed. He was diagnosed with a benign form of prostate cancer (and I’m so thankful it was benign) and so he decided to get proactive and have it removed.

I agree with his decision for the simple reason that he’s in good health and his fitness is good. Plus, he can afford to take the time off work because his business is running smoothly.

I haven’t stressed about this procedure in the four weeks since he told me about it. Until last night, that is. I couldn’t sleep a wink until 4.30am and then I slept through my alarm and was late to work. I don’t know exactly what it is but there is something so inherently unsettling at the thought of my Dad in hospital. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I still see him as I did when I was four years old – tall, strong and invincible, with sun-tanned arms from working outside on the farm.

In the last two weeks though, he started stressing about the whole thing and I think I absorbed his stress so much so that he was able to sleep like a baby last night while I could not!

I believe that God is in control of all things and I trust that He is in control of this too. Today though, I think I will need to keep reminding myself of that until I hear that Dad’s through the surgery and in recovery.

Please keep my Dad in your prayers today.
I certainly will appreciate the prayer support!

I’m going to label this as a blessings post because of God’s promise to always hold our hand in times of worry and stress. That is a blessing, no matter what the outcome.


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