A Review: Mail Order Husband by DiAnn Mills

Mail Order Husband


As a widow, struggling to raise two boys and keep her Nebraska farm operating, Lena Walker knows the pang of loneliness. None of the nearby men meet her expectations, so she decides to advertise for a husband in newspapers back East. After all, she figures, men find wives that way. In Philadelphia, Gabe Hunters has spent his life buried in books, believing every question can be answered from the printed page – especially of the Bible. When he sees Lena’s advertisement for a husband and father, he senses God pulling him to a place he’s never before seen and work he has never done. Lena is confident that God doesn’t make mistakes – but Gabe isn’t at all what she expected. How can she ever learn to love this man?

I am an avid reader of DiAnn Mills’ books so I was eager to start on this book from the Truly Yours Series as soon as I purchased it. I instantly sympathised and connected with Gabe. His past has left him with scars that make it hard to let people in and yet his faith in God prompts him to open his heart to his new family. Although Lena’s temper is discussed frequently in the book, the few times it came to the fore it wasn’t quite as volatile as I expected. Much was made of how she struggles to control it but really it was not that frequently seen. Lena also seemed to control it fairly well. In some ways, her temper flare ups felt much like anyone else’s, rather than something specific to someone who instantly flies off the handle.

Mills’ is able to capture the simply magic of the family bond in this book in her typical fashion, which I loved to see. The love between Lena and Gabe is lovely to watch as it unfolds and I felt happy that they didn’t have to overcome too complicated a hurdle, just a couple of misunderstandings. The secondary characters didn’t feel as alive to me as in other books by Mills but in the end, I didn’t mind all that much.

I would recommend this book to a friend, who wanted a lovely romance to read that wasn’t too complicated.


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