A Review: Where the Heart Leads (Heart of the Prairie Book #2)

Where the heart leads

After his graduation from college, Thomas Ollenburger is filled with big dreams and many questions. What will he do for a career? Should he marry? Where will he call home? Torn between his Mennonite roots on the Kansas prairie and his love for the big city of Boston, as well as his affection for a girl in each location, Thomas is unsure of his place in the world. He has always sought God’s leading in his decision-making, but now it seems as if God is staying silent. Has Thomas’s heart led him astray?

I loved this book. It was a fantastic sequel to Waiting for Summer’s Return. It wasn’t clear to me initially who the real love of Thomas’ life was going to be, but the journey that Thomas endures was definitely interesting and compelling. I thought Sawyer really brought him into his own as a man of faith by the end of the book. Once again the Mennonite faith was centered in the plot in an honest way, which I enjoyed immensely. I would definitely recommend this book to others.


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