About Me: Michael Buble

Michael Buble

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to send out a big thank you to those lovely people who decided to start following my blog. I look forward to getting to know you as we proceed down this new road together. I’m going to aim to post as much as possible each week, although my disclaimer is that there may be the occasional week where that’s not possible. Apologies sent in advance.

Today, I wanted to let you all know that I love Michael Buble’s music. Maybe that made me instantly unpopular with some people – sorry! It’s the truth. Give me some “Sway” or “It’s a Beautiful Day” and I’m instantly dancing. I also like to relax to “Cry Me a River,” “Home” or “Feeling Good.” I’ve been playing his stuff in my car and on my iPod ever since Sunday night, when I was fortunate enough to see him live, here in Melbourne. It’s not the first time I have seen him live though – it’s actually the fourth time. I would like to say that I have seen him EACH time he has come to Australia but that would be a falsehood. I missed his first tour Down Under.

While I loved every second of the concert, complete with wise cracks and laughter, I couldn’t help wondering how difficult it must be to live that kind of life. Musicians need to tour live to keep their careers going and the frequency of those tours seems to be dependent on when their next album is out. Not to mention the fact that those tours are international, which means visiting a lot of countries in a short space of time.
Couple that with the fact that they have basically left their lives behind in order to go on road in the first place and I can’t help but wonder about the stress it must put on relationships. I can’t imagine simply picking up and travelling for 15 to 18 months every two to three years. I might come back home and find that I no longer know my friends anymore!

Anyway, it was a thought that occurred to me. To Michael Buble, (let’s pretend for a heartbeat he’s reading this post) as a huge Aussie fan, I’m forever grateful for each time you brought your tour to Melbourne. You gave me some awesome memories from each of those concerts that I wouldn’t part with for anything like laughing and dancing with my best friend and sisters. Oh, and I’m in love with “To Be Loved.” I’m already very excited by your next album (whenever that arrives).


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