About Me: Australia


The thing that I like most about WordPress is the way you can categorise everything you post. It’s amazing and a feature that I am strongly in favour of. So… as you may have noticed, I have just added a new category, called ‘About Me.’ I have decided to post different things – little things, big things, interests and so on – as a separate type of post. I’m not one thing, one characteristic, one interest. I am many things and for the reader who wants to get to know me, I thought that utilising these categories would be the best way to do that.

So in my first ‘About Me’ post, I wanted to talk about where I live and where I grew up. I’m Australian and was born and bred in Melbourne. If you don’t know where Melbourne is, it is the capital city in the southern state of Victoria. Melbournians, as a rule, are fiercely loyal. We think Melbourne is the cultural epicentre of Australia (Sydney people disagree) and for the most part, we love the ironic weather patterns we are subjected to daily. I say ironic because in one 24 hour period we are liable to see all four seasons show up. For instance, this morning, being 6 May 2014, the weatherman said it was a brisk 10 degrees Celsius. Upon stepping outside the strong winds actually meant it was more like a frigid 6 degrees Celsius. (Don’t ask me about Fahrenheit – I don’t know how to convert it!) By lunch time, as I look out my office window the skies are blue and the sun is shining, although the wind remains chilly.

Melbournians take pride in their city’s functional layout and easy access via street trams (are they called rail cars in America?). If you compare a city map of Melbourne to a city map of Sydney, you will see a huge difference. I like to think (as a loyal Melbournian) that our city was planned whereas Sydney was not. A lot of foreign visitors know about Sydney – you know, the place with the opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge? – but they don’t know much about Melbourne.

Our state of Victoria is where Aussie Rules Football originated (originally called VFL but now it’s AFL). We host the Grand Final every year at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and let me tell you, if you want to experience AFL, you should come to Melbourne during Finals season in September. Footy fever is definitely humming through the city at that time of year and everyone has an opinion on who will win the Grand Final.

The Melbourne Cup, called the race that stops the nation, takes place here in November every year. The Spring Racing Carnival with the horses and the fashion are hugely popular nationally and internationally.

So, as I said, I’m a proud Melbournian but I didn’t grow up in the city. I grew up on a 152 acre farm about 45 minutes away from the CBD. My father has beef cattle and so, pets and animals were a way of life for me growing up. This is something that hasn’t changed about me. I currently have four cats living with me (three of which were rescues) and my gorgeous Golden Retriever senior citizen lives on my dad’s farm, much to her endless delight.

So I guess you could say I’m a quasi-farm girl, with a deep seated love for the city of Melbourne. I currently live in the suburbs though. Living on the land is now something that I miss. I miss coming home to an open fire in winter or having a gorgeous view to look out at as the sun sets. In my small townhouse, I don’t have a gorgeous view of anything, which is a shame. There’s nothing quite like sinking into a cushy couch after a long day at work with a good book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, in front of an open expanse of green fields and gum trees.

Anyway, I will endeavour to post more things About Me as time goes on so stay tuned.


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