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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

This was very informative and eye opening. Have a read!

David Gaughran

prhasiThe Amazon-Hachette dispute has caught the media’s attention. But what about the story the media refuses to cover?

The media is more concerned with one-sided accounts of Amazon’s perceived actions – when no one really knows the exact nature of the dispute.

The media is more concerned with what Amazon might do in the future, than actual author exploitation by the world’s largest trade publisher: Penguin Random House.

Penguin Random House owns the world’s largest vanity press – Author Solutions – which is currently subject to a class action for deceptive business practices, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of business statutes in California, New York, and Colorado.

The court papers cover the same ground that I’ve been blogging about for the last three years, that Writer Beware has spent even longer documenting, and others like Emily Suess and Mick Rooney have covered in extensive detail.


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Just an update on Dad’s surgery

His surgery was meant to last 3 hours but it actually went for 5.5 hours. I can tell you that by 8pm last night we were all watching the clock and wondering why we hadn’t heard anything. It’s hard not to imagine the worst in times like that! They called (finally) at 9.20pm to say he was in recovery, where he stayed for another hour. We finally got to see him at 11.10pm. He was quite pale and uncomfortable but he was lucid and recognised my sister, Phoenix, and I.

He lost 2 litres of blood during the surgery, which is quite a lot really. His blood pressure was low and it’s still low this morning. Apparently the surgery had some non-life threatening complications that meant it took a lot longer than anticipated. Irrespective of that, we were both relieved to be able to see him and talk to him. He was pretty glad to see us both as well.

Praise God because He has answered our prayers!

I’m smiling as I type that because it’s true. Dad’s here and now we can just focus on his recovery, which really is the best news.

What a wonderful blessing!

Today presents its own challenges

My Dad is only just over the 60s line in terms of age but in my head, he’s still in his fifties. His health has been strong and he’s not normally one to get sick, except for the annual man-flu infection. Today, he goes into hospital to have his prostate removed. He was diagnosed with a benign form of prostate cancer (and I’m so thankful it was benign) and so he decided to get proactive and have it removed.

I agree with his decision for the simple reason that he’s in good health and his fitness is good. Plus, he can afford to take the time off work because his business is running smoothly.

I haven’t stressed about this procedure in the four weeks since he told me about it. Until last night, that is. I couldn’t sleep a wink until 4.30am and then I slept through my alarm and was late to work. I don’t know exactly what it is but there is something so inherently unsettling at the thought of my Dad in hospital. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I still see him as I did when I was four years old – tall, strong and invincible, with sun-tanned arms from working outside on the farm.

In the last two weeks though, he started stressing about the whole thing and I think I absorbed his stress so much so that he was able to sleep like a baby last night while I could not!

I believe that God is in control of all things and I trust that He is in control of this too. Today though, I think I will need to keep reminding myself of that until I hear that Dad’s through the surgery and in recovery.

Please keep my Dad in your prayers today.
I certainly will appreciate the prayer support!

I’m going to label this as a blessings post because of God’s promise to always hold our hand in times of worry and stress. That is a blessing, no matter what the outcome.

A Review: Mail Order Husband by DiAnn Mills

Mail Order Husband


As a widow, struggling to raise two boys and keep her Nebraska farm operating, Lena Walker knows the pang of loneliness. None of the nearby men meet her expectations, so she decides to advertise for a husband in newspapers back East. After all, she figures, men find wives that way. In Philadelphia, Gabe Hunters has spent his life buried in books, believing every question can be answered from the printed page – especially of the Bible. When he sees Lena’s advertisement for a husband and father, he senses God pulling him to a place he’s never before seen and work he has never done. Lena is confident that God doesn’t make mistakes – but Gabe isn’t at all what she expected. How can she ever learn to love this man?

I am an avid reader of DiAnn Mills’ books so I was eager to start on this book from the Truly Yours Series as soon as I purchased it. I instantly sympathised and connected with Gabe. His past has left him with scars that make it hard to let people in and yet his faith in God prompts him to open his heart to his new family. Although Lena’s temper is discussed frequently in the book, the few times it came to the fore it wasn’t quite as volatile as I expected. Much was made of how she struggles to control it but really it was not that frequently seen. Lena also seemed to control it fairly well. In some ways, her temper flare ups felt much like anyone else’s, rather than something specific to someone who instantly flies off the handle.

Mills’ is able to capture the simply magic of the family bond in this book in her typical fashion, which I loved to see. The love between Lena and Gabe is lovely to watch as it unfolds and I felt happy that they didn’t have to overcome too complicated a hurdle, just a couple of misunderstandings. The secondary characters didn’t feel as alive to me as in other books by Mills but in the end, I didn’t mind all that much.

I would recommend this book to a friend, who wanted a lovely romance to read that wasn’t too complicated.

A Collection: Nothin’ ‘Bout Love Makes Sense by LeAnn Rimes

Sometimes you come across a song that moves you right down deep in your soul. I wanted to start a category on my blog for those songs or poems that are so lyrical, so poetic, so beautiful that they can’t help but touch you.

Or as in this particular case, sometimes the images are so clever that you can’t help but take delight in them.

Nothin’ ‘Bout Love Makes Sense

Like a cloud full of rain shouldn’t hang in the sky
Ice shouldn’t burn or a bumble bee fly
If you feel so happy, then why do you cry?
Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.

Like an ocean liner shouldn’t float on the sea
A pearl in an oyster or a circus of fleas
Someone so perfect can’t be falln’ for me
Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.

Nothin’ ’bout love is less than confusin’
You can win when you’re losin’
Stand when you’re fallin’
I can’t figure it out
Nothin’ ’bout love can make an equation
Nothin’ short of amazin’
Wish I could explain it
But I don’t know how

The way that we dance
The reason we dream
That big Italian tower
Oh, how does it lean
Somethin’ so strong shouldn’t make me this weak
Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.

[Repeat Chorus]
Like the lights of Las Vegas glowin’ out of the sand
A jumbo shrimp or a baby grand
How you touch my heart when you hold my hand
Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.

Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.
Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.
Oh, nothin’ ’bout love makes sense.

I hear this song and it immediately makes me smile because it’s light and fun and clever.

Do you have any lyrics that instantly put a smile on your dial? Let me know!

Soooo not a “car-girl”!

I hope everyone is travelling along well in their lives this fine Saturday afternoon. I’m currently sitting in a local café, surrounded by people engaging in the convention of the lazy Saturday afternoon chat with friends and family. I’m sitting here by myself, typing, however, having decided yesterday that I needed to prioritise writing on the weekends. Now, it’s not that I can’t write at home. I live with my sister, Dakota, her husband and their daughter. My niece is adorable – 16 months old and I love spending time with her. She is also at an age where she wants to be involved in whatever you are doing. So it’s hard for me to ignore her desire to play games and actually sit down and write. In summary, home presents a lot of distractions and if I want to get serious, I need to be serious about this and leave the house for a few hours on the weekend and write.

Today is my first attempt at this and I’m feeling pretty good about it. My soy cappuccino just arrived and it tastes wonderful. I haven’t had a real cup of coffee in approximately a month, living on the instant stuff at home, while I worked at repaying my dad back for a loan he gave me. I’m now debt free and celebrating with a late breakfast and a cappuccino out, all while meeting me writing goal for the week.

Getting back to the title of this post, you might wonder what this has to do with cars. Well, I wanted to let you know that I am not a woman, who invests energy in cars. I don’t have a fantasy car or a back up fantasy car. I have owned exactly two cars in my life – both Toyota Carollas. My current car was brand new in 2006 but that was a little while ago now. This week I decided that I needed to take better car of old Lola Bunny. She hasn’t been cleaned in about a year. I don’t keep litter in my car but as you can imagine, after a year of tracking in and out, the floor is pretty messy.

But, this is how much of a not-a-car-girl I am – I’m sitting here, typing, enjoying the aromatic blend of Arabica coffee beans while my car is completely cleaned and detailed by someone else. The thought of spending an hour cleaning the dirt off myself – well, I’d rather be productive and get some writing done.

Dakota would say that I’m cheating but she is pedantic about her car. She cleans it regularly and would never be able to afford people doing that on a regular basis. It would add up to too much dough out of the bank. I’m not going to start paying for a total detail each week but after a year of nothing, my car needed the works. I might pay for an outside wash once a month though. That’s far more feasible now that I’m out of the red and officially saving for a holiday in November.

Ooh! My late brunch just arrived. It looks pretty good too: Smoked salmon, dill yoghurt, sourdough bread, two poached eggs, rocket, tomato and pickles. Mmmm!

That's salmon, sourdough, salad with rocket and pickles.

Have you ever done something like getting your car washed that could be labelled as cheating? I’d love to hear your stories.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Coming down with the Flu

Hi all,
I just wanted to apologise for being completely unproductive this week. I came down with a virus on Monday and it has completely knocked me over.

I will get back in the saddle though. Hopefully this weekend – so stay tuned!